Fly fishing the salt

Calm day Pensacola Bay

Fly casting in the salt from a boat or in the surf poses certain problems. The boat is moving. The wind is blowing and seldom to our advantage. I transitioned from fresh water fishing into the salt ten years ago. The first obstacle for a trout fisherman is that salt water fish are not stationary. They move constantly, and the fly has to be placed where they are going to be not where they are. Now speed of delivery becomes a must and you have one good window of opportunity to place your fly correctly. The second is distance and 50´ casts are a bare minimum to consistently catch salt water fish. We like to say that every 10´ in addition will double your chances. The third problem is the wind. When it blows from our non dominant to our dominant shoulder (left to right for most folks) we are happy. However wind from our dominant to non dominant shoulder poses problems. Headwind poses another and a different sort of problem. Tailwind has its own issues for the caster.

Will teach you to throw narrow loops and with sufficient speed to punch through the wind. That will gain those extra 5-10´ needed. I will tune up your double haul or teach it from scratch. That will give your loop more speed and stability.

Will teach you the techniques needed for casting when the wind is on to your casting shoulder. Furthermore I will teach you to cast in headwind and tail wind.  Will go through adjustments for casting heavy flies.

If those bases are covered before the trip your chances of success are greatly improved.

Will teach overhead switch rod casts on the beach.

I have been fly fishing for 30 years and have freshwater experience from lakes and rivers in Iceland and US. Have experience casting from a kayak. Have salt water experience fishing in Texas, Florida, and the Bahamas.

I am a Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Fly Casting Instructor and it will be my pleasure to teach you to fly cast in the salt.

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Fly fishing in the salt

On first sandbar casting into the first trough

Certified Casting Instructor