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The Condor in Zion National Park

South Utah National Parks and National Monuments South Utah has a string of fabulous National Parks. From east to west we have — Arches — https://www.nps.gov/arch/index.htm then Canyonlands — https://www.nps.gov/cany/index.htm on to Capitol Reef — https://www.nps.gov/care/index.htm. Then we have Bryce Canyon — https://www.nps.gov/brca/index.htm and finally, Zion — https://www.nps.gov/zion/index.htm in the south west corner. On top […]


Flats fishing

You can look, but don’t touch! Oh, how wise that advice is. We start out looking at the opposite sex – but beware!– we can’t resist! Then it seems we end up looking at cookies we shouldn’t touch, but then we do. Same goes for ours life savings. I took a trip to an undisclosed Bahamian island in January with some of […]


Matching a Fly Rod to a Flyline

I gave a presentation on “Matching a Fly Rod to a Flyline” 1/18/19 for the Fly Fishers of Northwest Florida my local fly club. For my effort I was awarded a pair of castanetes by the club’s president Dr. Handley. You can enjoy the lecture or not at https://vimeo.com/310672161


Reprimanded by the Surgeon General

When running an inpatient surgical ward there is a constant struggle to get the patients home after operations. There is, of course, some reasonable length of stay needed for serious matters etc. However, from my point of view some of my patients could go home sooner than they themselves wanted. There were all kinds of […]


Casting course in Iceland

Icelandic Medical Association centennial – fly casting course In the fall of 2017 I got an email from IMA’s president asking me to teach a fly casting course to Icelandic doctors. The IMA is celebrating its centennial this year, and the president thought it a good idea to introduce some play into the pomp. I […]


The Booze Airlift

As a boy I vaguely remember reading about the Berlin airlift (Berliner Luftbrücke­­­ – i.e. airbridge). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berlin_Blockade That was when the russkies were naughty (they still are), and ­­when they wanted to mess with Europe they just squeezed its balls, i.e. Berlin. To get vital supplies to Berlin after the roads and railways were closed […]

The Casting Clinic

My local fly club is called FFNWF (Fly Fishers of North West Florida). Now that is a mouth-full without vowels but still not quite Hebrew. We just love our abbreviations here, but I can tell you that it takes a while to understand them. Especially if English (American?) is your third language. Some abbreviations are simple […]

Bonefishing – Water Cay

Last November I fished for bonefish in the Bahamas with three of my friends. They are all experienced bonefish anglers, but I am not. I was very much looking forward to this trip to learn more about bonefishing. As it turned out, this trip was great and surprisingly the company, too. Our destination was Water […]



Hrútafjarðará og Síká Hrútafjarðará (á – river/stream) is a two hour drive north from Reykjavík. The lodge there is one of the nicest in Iceland with self catering. The river is fished by 3 rods and is fly only. Most of the pools are easily accessible by any car. For the upper parts of the […]