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https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amberjack Now there is a badass fish. They are big heavy and strong. When hooked they really are pissed off and you sense their extreme displeasure. We find them on wrecks out in the Gulf down on the bottom. If you come to a wreck where there are boats bait fishing your chances are slim. […]

The Crafty Daughter

Parliamentary elections were around the corner in Iceland (Year 1990). One of our heavyweight politicians had recently chanced his constituency. He had represented one of the rural districts and had moved to a city constituency in order to gain more votes and influence and of course there were heated discussions on this because that is what […]

Go small

Some days you just have to get out of the cabin and go fishing. So I did. My wife joined me with her e-reader and in short order we were bobbing on a favorite flat at anchor. My boat is what is called here a bowrider – not a proper fly fishing boat. Oh well, […]

Switch rods in the salt

Let´s just get it off our chests. Most casters are terrible in the wind. Mostly  because they do not have to be that sharp. Most fly fishermen are what we can call trouters. I was one myself. The long casts are really not necessary so why bother. Hence fly fishermen trying the salt for the first time […]


Went fishing with my friend Baz who is a fly fishing guide (http://www.gulfbreezeguideservice.com) late September. No clouds and a light northerly wind. This always makes a trip to the Gulf enticing. We went out through the Pensacola Pass and turned west. The Gulf can be flat in such a wind and it was. Close to […]