The leader bridges the fly line and the tippet or the fly itself.

To fly line.

Fly line without a front loop

  • The Nail knot is a strong and thin connection, that glides reasonably well through the rod guides when landing fish. Do not use for the bigger fish, they will strip off the fly line coating and that will be that.
  • Albright´s knot is strong and reliable, but bulkier than the nail knot.

Fly line with a front loop

  • We tie a loop onto the leader and loop it to the fly line.
  • The Surgeon’s loop is strong simple and reliable.
  • The Perfection loop is also a useful knot.

To tippet.

  • The Surgeon’s knot is simple to tie strong and reliable. The tippet runs through the knot slightly off the straight line.
  • The Blood knot needs precision in tying but is strong. It is a very pretty knot, and the tippet runs straight through it.
Bloodknot tied down

Blood knot tied down, symmetric and in line

  • Double Uni knot is rather simple to tie and is strong and reliable. It is good for joining a tippet of different diameters and it runs straight.