Some days you just have to get out of the cabin and go fishing. So I did. My wife joined me with her e-reader and in short order, we were bobbing on a favorite flat at anchor. My boat is what is called here a bowrider – not a proper fly fishing boat. Oh well, I have to endure some hardships for family right?

Upon leaving I just grabbed the next rod and it turned out that I was a bit under-gunned for lobbing heavy Clousers. This time of the year I expect some Spanish Mackerels to be present. So I rigged up with a heavy Clouser tied to a 6 inch of multi-strand wire subsequently tied to the leader. Covered the area around me but did not get any strikes at all. If the fly is too heavy for the line it is unpleasant to cast. Calm wind and sun and nothing happening around me. Concluded that this is just one of those days. Decided to turn this into a casting practice. Left out the wire since the Spanish were awol. Put on a small streamer called “Heimasaetan” (#10 long shank – good for Seatrout and sea-run Arctic Char). This is an Icelandic fly that is quite productive there. Do not ask me why I put it on – well it was there and matched the line.


Now the casting became an absolute joy. Got into a rhythm and the casts were not bad at all. Then suddenly to my surprise, the fly is hammered, and a good fish was on. Did not feel like a Spanish or a Spotted Seatrout. Worked the fish towards me and I get this flash of light as the fish turned otherwise it was not visible.


Now the odds are that this is a good size Pompano since they have this incredibly bright flash when they turn, and the sun hits them just right.


This is a nice outline of the fish.


I managed to bring the fish to the boat were I in a moment of madness forgot I had a perfectly good net to deal with the situation and tried to hand-line it just a bit and that was that and he swam away. Put on another #10 bead head trout fly olive colored and out it went and immediately got hammered and then cut off. So the Spanish were there after all.

I have to credit Drifa my wife for the photos taken with a smartphone. I often catch something interesting when she accompanies me and must muster her from the reading to photo duties.

Now an election is looming, and some party is screaming Go Low or was it High? My advice to fellow anglers when nothing is happening -“Go small”.