Fly fishing the salt

Just enough information to go fishing!

When I started fly fishing there was no internet. Info was had from books and magazines. Fellow fly anglers were, and probably still are, a mixed bag. Some are happy to teach and mentor – some are not. It took me quite a while to ferret out the info I think I have. I sometimes think of it as my truffle pig period. There were little bits here and little bits there and had to be found and brought together.

Now we have readily accessible information even on our watches. On Youtube, you can find casting gurus and some casting gods, if you know how to sift through all of it. In a search on “fly leaders” I got

Search on leaders

Search on leaders

60 million hits! It takes a while to chew through that. There are some fabulous sites on leaders, but which ones, if you are a novice?

With that in mind, I decided to put together a simple webpage on fly fishing, where the emphasis is on the simple and clear. I start from the hook and work myself to the rod. I try to give just enough information on each subject, so a beginner has what he/she needs to get started. I do not try to cover each subject fully only give enough information for a solid foundation to start from on the following subpages. The first is on hooks and then I will add a new page weekly.

Chapter 1. Hooks 

Chapter 2. Flies

Chapter 3. Flies for fresh – and saltwater

Chapter 4. Leaders and tippet

Chapter 5. Knots

Chapter 6. Fly lines and backing

Chapter 7. Reels

Chapter 8. Rods

Chapter 9. Fishing in streams, lakes and salt

Chapter 10. The Cast