A happy moment (fish disagrees)

In Chapter 2 – I considered dry flies and wet flies plus tubes. Flies can also be divided by the fish we chase – trout fliessalmon flies, etc. Sometimes we refer to them according to the material used in tying them, i.e. hair-flies (buck-tails) – feather flies (dry flies). In short a glorious chaos that leads to all kinds of eccentricities and classifications. I choose to cover salmon and trout flies since they are the classic cornerstone of flies. Additionally, I introduce saltwater flies, since fly fishing in the salt is growing, and that is where I am currently fishing. There are of course special flies for diverse species like bass or carp, etc. These two chapters give a glimpse into flies. I suspect that somewhere out there lurks the Black Hole of flies, waiting to devour you if you delve too deeply into the subject. Remember you can buy the flies but not the cast!

Trout flies


Salmon flies


Flies for the salt