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Adding tips to fly lines

Versileaders – Polyleaders –etc. Housekeeping Most lines are designed so, that when you add a correct leader and a fly, the outfit will turn over beautifully and we are happy. In other words, the fly lines are designed to turn over a certain mass i.e., the mass of the leader and the corresponding fly. As […]


Casting sinking lines

Generally, sinking lines are more difficult to cast than floating lines. That’s not a big surprise now when we know they must be heavy upfront to sink, and they can kick like a mule. Why are the Sinking lines difficult to cast? Remember they are not designed to be cast easily – they are designed […]


The fly line kick

All fly casters have experienced a fly line “kick.” So, what is this kick? The fly line kicks when the tip part suddenly accelerates at the end of a cast and careens about (like a whip does). The reason behind the kick is that there is undissipated energy left in the loop when it straightens. […]


Sinking lines

From the floating line, we can graduate to sinking lines. The advantage of fishing a sinking line is obvious. A sinking line differs from a floating line in two important aspects. The line’s submerged part can’t be mended. The sunken line can’t be recast until it has been stripped or roll cast to the surface. […]


The Running Line

Am I serious? Now doing a piece on the running line – really? You might think that the running line is the simplest part of the line system and it might be. That there is nothing worthy there of any thought or writing. You would be wrong. Let’s dive into it. Housekeeping What is the […]


How to choose a fly line!

“What fly line should I buy?” Now, that’s the wrong question to ask. “What fly line do I need?” – is a much better question. This a recurrent question we all get personally, or it appears on some chat site. There is really no correct answer to this question. However, the chat sites immediately fill […]


Fly line constructed by engineers – built by dwarves!

In this blog I take a look at a fantastic trout line. The Amplitude Trout Fly Line (WF – Floating line). I suggest that before reading this blog you start with my previous one “Why do floating fly lines – float?” https://everyjonahhasawhale.com/blog/why-do-floating-fly-lines-float/ Three colors The running line is called celestial blue. The belly part is […]


Why do floating fly lines – float?

They shouldn’t! A floating fly line is made of a braided nylon core, onto which PVC is added as a coating. The specific gravity (SG) of nylon is 1.2 and the SG of PVC is 1.4. With those numbers the line should sink. So, why does it float? (For perspective; Aluminum has SG of 2.7 […]